Infusing inspired ideas into their client's weddings and customizing the overall guest experience is Estera Events' specialty. It is the goal that every single guest in attendance at an Estera Events wedding truly feels as though they have just been included in an incredible, once in a lifetime celebration. The planning process lends itself to this goal. From their organized process to their in depth design consultations, the experience of working with Estera Events is second to none.

Bianca and Erica know that when planning a wedding, timeliness matters. Operating on a twenty-four hour email response time is standard for the Estera Events team. Their clients receive access to their own client portal, which includes forms and questionnaires that help to streamline the planning processes. Estera Events clients are able to rest easy, knowing  everything is covered behind the scenes. The Estera Events team is known industry wide for their detailed and organized, multi-column color coded wedding timelines that allow for each wedding day to run seamlessly.

Sending clients down the aisle is always Bianca and Erica's favorite moment of a wedding day. Their client's mean the world to them and working with each and every family reminds them why they love what they do. As a client of Estera Events, you will always feel just as any couple should - prioritized and important. 


The Estera Events team pride themselves on creating bespoke events that are overwhelmingly creative and unique to each couple they work with. Their ability to immerse themselves in a vision that suits their client's personal tastes and focus in on what design direction to take them is what they are truly known for. 

Infusing inspired ideas into their client's weddings and customizing the overall guest experience is their specialty. Estera Events' in-depth design consultations and customized conceptual style boards are second to none - pulling inspiration from so many facets of every day life, travels, textiles, emotions, nuances and colors - all while creating completely unique design concepts for all of their clients. 


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Bianca and Erica absolutely love to travel, especially for weddings. The majority of clients Estera Events is currently working with are destination clients. Estera Events is based in Chicago which makes them perfectly situated for events throughout the United States and beyond. The Estera Events team has contacts in every city and their exacting standards allow them to be incredibly diligent about curating high caliber vendor teams for clients no matter the locale.

Estera Events offers full service wedding planning, assisting their clients from start to finish with their wedding plans. The Estera Events hands on approach allows their clients to enjoy the entire process while providing them with incredible guidance along the way.

Please note, Estera Events no long offers scaled back services such as day of coordination or partial planning.

The Estera Events team creates completely bespoke experiences for their clients celebrations. As such, they take on a limited number of clients per year and customize their service offerings based on each clients specific needs. Estera Events planning services are best suited for those looking to invest $250,000 and above in their wedding.

Estera Events believes in nurturing their vendor relationships and most importantly, their relationship with their clients. They strongly stand against accepting commission and decline payments from vendors whenever offered. This is one of the many major standards that sets the Estera Events experience apart from many others in the industry, and allows Estera Events' clients to feel empowered to make decisions that benefit them and their event directly.

Estera Events is a boutique luxury planning firm that strives to give all clients an incredible experience. Because of this, the Estera Events team takes on a limited number of weddings per year. Rest assured, it is the goal of Estera Events to ensure that their clients always feel they are prioritized, and that is a standard they will never waver from.



Estera Events approaches all of their events with an incredibly artistic eye. They offer an unparalleled level of logistical thinking entwined with out of the box ideas to ensure no two events are alike - all while making it appear effortless.

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From the moment you connect with the Estera Events team to the moment the last guest leaves your wedding, you will feel supported, prioritized and empowered. Bianca and Erica value their relationships with their clients and recognize the trust placed in them is a privilege not to be taken lightly. Weddings are once in a lifetime experiences and the Estera Events team treats the entire planning process as such.

olivia leigh

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alisha tova


"Erica and Bianca are an incredible joy to work with"

Erica and Bianca are an incredible joy to work with. They were able to make all of our dreams come true and beyond. The work they put in pre-wedding is meticulously organized and curated to the couple. During the wedding events, them and their team take care of it ALL. We were fully able to enjoy our weekend without worrying about a thing. They make it all happen better than you imagined. Erica and Bianca have the best vendor recommendations and create your dream wedding team. You cannot have better people in your corner throughout this journey.

danielle simone


"THEY ARE all-around superhumanS!"

They went over and above to make sure we felt comfortable and confident in all of the decisions we made, never pressured us in any way, were extremely time-oriented and organized, and brought their own creativity and design talents to the process.  If you want a planner who is always one step ahead of you, look no further! Also, we were extremely impressed with Estera Events as a whole as they have very professional systems and relationships in place, which added to the reliability and efficiency of the entire process. Forever grateful for Estera!

kristina lorraine



I would give Estera Events a 10-star rating for the wedding planning and support services they provided to our family if it were possible. They were the linchpin in making Molly and Shai's wedding beautiful, flawless in scheduling and execution, super fun, and truly memorable. No detail escaped their attention. They are consummate professionals who are a joy personally to work with - warm, accommodating, flexible, timely, extremely well organized, and gracious. I could not recommend Estera Events more highly.

alisha tova



They understood the vibe Jim and I were going for, and were such great creative partners – the ideas just flow from them! The questions they asked us to get an understanding of our taste were not run of the mill but poignant, and if I made an obscure reference to a certain fabric or hotel design – they always knew exactly what I was talking about. They understood us from the jump in such a way that I wondered if we were friends in pre-school or something!

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